Domestic Building Demolition in Melbourne

Information required to do demolition

  • The client will need to provide Dig Dig Pty Ltd with:
  • A current copy of title
  • A site plan can be on a4 paper to scale showing buildings to be demolished, property boundaries including measurements, offsets from boundaries with measurements, buildings don’t require measurements but have to be to scale, height of buildings including building construction materials i.e brick veneer.
  • Signed contracts
  • Council asset protection permit
  • Site fencing
  • Abolishment of services 

Dig Dig Pty Ltd specialises in domestic demolition , from partial demolition to total site clearing including grass scrapes.  We can organise your building permits, asbestos removal and strive to recycle as much of your old house as possible. Concrete and bricks are recycled, along with floor boards and roof tiles where practical.

Dig Dig Pty Ltd takes OH & S very seriously. Safe Work Method statements are prepared for demolition jobs and all our equipment has plant risk assessment done annually.  All operators have tickets to operate such equipment and all our staff have red or white cards. Tickets are held for traffic control and traffic management. We also have first aid training.

Demolition pit falls: When you are offered a grass scrape you want to make sure they actually remove the grass from site rather than just chewing the grass up and burying it on site.
The leaving of footings and rubbish on site - Dig Dig Pty Ltd will guarantee that we will remove everything from site that is larger than 50 mm in thickness and will come back to collect and remove anything left behind if we don’t.

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